Levi’s Stadium - Unsafe in Any Seat

“With over 500 recent court documented assaults and fights due to the chaos in security managed by a corrupt local Police Dept. used by the 49ers and NFL, and the Rolling Stones won’t play another concert there!” Is it any wonder the 49ers are losing their management rights at Levi’s Stadium?

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About the Author

FRED WEAVER works worldwide, often on complex and sensitive investigations. His experience crosses several industry sectors and geographies. He advises and provides investigation for security and fraud prevention support to governments, companies and organizations.

In this explosive book, as an attorney for this case, In Pro Per, Fred Weaver details the chaos and lack of security at Levi’s Stadium, leading to recent ‘near-fatal’ attacks, and personal injury lawsuits. Weaver also exposes Santa Clara Police Department ‘corruption’, City of Santa Clara ‘dirty laundry’ and the City of Santa Clara Council Members’ ‘toxic’ relationship with the San Francisco 49ers entities, making Levi’s Stadium the Most Dangerous Public Venue in North America.

And the NFL tries to avoid any discussion of the quietly escalating issue of fan violence at your team’s stadium as well…

This piece of legal work by Fred Weaver is destined to be studied for decades to come. A must-read for anyone caring about their safety at any type of national and international stadium sporting event or music concert and anyone interested in justice. An absolutely required reading for anyone pursing law or criminal justice as a life passion.

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