Levi’s Stadium - Unsafe in Any Seat

“With over 500 recent court documented assaults and fights due to the chaos in security managed by a corrupt local Police Dept. used by the 49ers and NFL, and the Rolling Stones won’t play another concert there!” Is it any wonder the 49ers are losing their management rights at Levi’s Stadium?

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Good morning and hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Also wanted to remind you to turn your scales back 10 pounds this weekend! Here are some additional ‘goings on’ with the 49ers.

Better grab a cup of coffee…

On September 17th, the Santa Clara Stadium Authority wrote a letter to the 49ers management entities that they were stripping the 49ers of all management at Levi’s Stadium on November 15th,2019 allowing the 49ers to only manage their NFL game day, home games, period. The overall management agreement the 49ers originally signed included managing everything from Monster Truck rallies, home and garden shows, Taylor Swift and Coldplay concerts, and even the recent concert stop by the Rolling Stones. Additionally, the 49ers management agreement included being responsible for all food vending and beer & liquor sales, luxury boxes and a thing called security.

On September 20th, attorneys for the 49ers filed a Complaint for Declaratory Relief requesting the court to step in and allow the 49ers to maintain their management rights, claiming among other things, “The truth is that Stadium Manager has maintained, managed and operated the Stadium in an effective and professional manner, to the mutual benefit of SCSA and StadCo, just as the Management Agreement, and the Stadium Lease, contemplate.” But a recent audit showed the 49ers were only able to generate about $19K of shared profit with all events managed by the 49ers over the last two years. The total profits of which, according to the management agreement, were to be shared with the Stadium Authority which is also the City of Santa Clara. The audit also found that the 49ers had unpaid vendors, and contracts which did not honor prevailing wages and other socially engineered benefit requirements of the management agreement.

On September 24th, the attorneys for the 49ers wrote a follow up letter to the Stadium Authority who also happen to be the City of Santa Clara Mayor and Councilmembers.

After initially hearing about the City of Santa Clara wanting to strip the 49ers of their management agreement, and the 49ers filing their lawsuit, I started gathering information and contacts from all the correspondences going back and forth. I also went to the Santa Clara County Courthouse and pulled the lawsuit the 49ers filed.

And I attended several City of Santa Clara Council Meetings. The 49er requested a ten-minute vs two-minute allowed public speaking time at the podium. But neither any of the 49er’s management nor any of their representatives showed up. They didn’t need to because the 49ers attorneys knew something I also knew.

I was stunned to see the case was going to be handled by the same Judge as my lawsuit against my 19 defendants. But I was happy to see the earliest date that a Case Management Conference could be scheduled for the 49er’s lawsuit was January 7th, 2020. What that translates to is, the November 15th drop dead date threatened by the Stadium Authority was now in the hands of the court and there would be a delay to everything, because like I mention in my book, the Santa Clara County Court is backed up due to case load.

I then took a clue from one of my favorite movies, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. If you remember, there was a scene where the Marshall is trying to assemble a posse to go after Butch and Sundance. During the Marshall’s passionate recruitment speech, a bicycle salesman steps on the stage next to the Marshall. The salesman holding the bike says, “Meet the future!”

The Marshall looks at the bicycle salesman and asks, “Just what in the hell do you think you are doing?” The bicycle salesman smiles looking at the Sherriff and says, “You got the crowd together, that’s half my work, I just figured I’d sell a little and…” The Marshall says, “Well I’m trying to raise a posse if you don’t mind!”

So, during the delay in this case, and now having all the contacts involved, I started writing letters and sending emails using my newly created Author’s email and letterhead referencing my book. But I didn’t just send an email to an individual or write a letter to a single recipient. I also copied someone else on each email or letter, like a member of the media. (Think bicycle salesman standing next to the Marshall) That way it wouldn’t be as easy to just delete my emails or discard my letters. And some of the ‘shared’ communications started getting traction. I was contacted by two of the major newspapers out here, and just had an ‘onboarding’ call with Hearst Media last week and they are going to run with my story, with my book getting exposure in the process.

The incident my daughter and I witnessed on November 1, 2018 of last year, is the gift that keeps on giving. There is so much dysfunction with the 49er’s management, the corrupt Santa Clara Police, the NFL, and the City of Santa Clara that I can’t help myself from exposing it all….in the name of concern for safety at Levi’s Stadium, which of course is a very serious situation.

I am certainly no genius, but I was able to connect some dots. And it amazes me that some simple clues unfortunately are leading up to what will be the reasons for the first fatality at Levi’s Stadium.

About the Author

As of last night, all 19 entities have been served including: 49ers entities, City of Santa Clara, City of Santa Clara Police, and the NFL.

About the Author

Now that my Author’s website is ‘live’ I will be providing periodic updates

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