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Fred  /   February 8, 2019

Speech Topics

Fred Weaver
Author, Real Estate Development and Construction Consultant, Undercover Investigator, and Activist Investor

Casual Observer on the Sidelines of Life
This is Fred Weaver’s most popular keynote address and is based on Weaver’s new book, Levi’s Stadium – Unsafe in Any Seat.  Everyone has the capacity to provide ‘additional eyes and ears’ to any situation, and a lot of times, problems are solved from outside one’s own industry, culture, or lifestyle. And then there are fundamentals. And success in anything is based on fundamentals. Weaver teaches universal ‘survival’ principles that work for anyone, in any business, in any situation. From sales to customer service, to teamwork and leadership, Weaver attacks traditional business wisdom and offers simple truths in his caustic, thought-provoking, and hilarious style.

How Did We Ever Put a Man on The Moon?
Or rephrased, “If things get any worse, I will have to ask you to stop helping me.” How many times a week or even in one day do you encounter people, companies, and agencies who make situations and processes harder than they need to be? Life is a series of problems and how you adjust to them. “But when things are so screwed up, there must be a way to make a profit in a solution,” is Fred Weaver’s mantra. Weaver will entertain audiences with everyday relatable situations, with ‘right beneath your nose’ solutions.

If desired, Weaver can also give tactics on how to manage anything, and how to change your lifestyle. While he covers serious subjects, his speeches are also hilarious, and he tells great stories of his years in the construction industry, taking on and managing Public ‘Agencies’, acting as his own attorney, his investigations and undercover work, and relates the stories of many of the encounters he has had.

Because of his extended career and deep corporate roots working for two Fortune ‘Three’ Companies, and with multiple other Fortune 500 companies, Fred Weaver is truly a ‘trainer of trainers’! Ask about his seminars, half-day, and full-day training sessions for your company, organization, or group. You won’t be disappointed!!

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